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Financial Planning

How We Build A Comprehensive Financial Plan For You

Step 1
Introduction Meeting

We ask you to communicate your short and long term financial goals, discuss your investing history and provide us with an overview of your current financial situation. As part of this discovery process, we share our philosophy of money, Lifestyle Based Investing, and explain the business model of Conscience Wealth Services with respect to serving our clients.

Step 2
Commitment to Planning and Gathering of Data

Once a decision is made to begin working with our firm, we gather the documents necessary and forward it to our financial planning department.

Step 3
Discuss Values

A core element of our risk management and estate planning process involves an in-depth conversation to uncover 2 things: potential “Train Wrecks” that could derail your ability to live your preferred lifestyle, as well as “Opportunities” that would allow you to help the people or causes you care about the most.

Step 4
Investment Collaboration

This step is the opportunity to work with us and learn more about the wide variety of investment options we have access to, and provide feedback in the design and construction of your overall investment management.

Step 5
Deliver the Plan

Utilizing the information gathered, we will present a comprehensive and fully customized financial plan, outlining steps to be taken to help you pursue your stated goals and objectives. Specific recommendations and action steps will be addressed.

Year Round Support

Life happens and things change. With a plan in place, you can reap the benefits of all the hard work we've all put in together.
Live the life you want by continuing to delegate the details to us.

Answers to your
one-off questions

Big things happen throughout the year. Maybe it’s an unexpected major purchase that brings up some questions on how it affects your overall plan. Maybe it’s a gift you want to make for your newborn grandchild. Year round access to your advisor means we’re just a quick call away.

Plan Updates

We build a flexible working strategy to accommodate the unexpectedness of life’s journey. Whether it be taking care of a parent, the birth of new children, or any other circumstances or opportunities that comes your way this year, we’re here to help with the financial aspects of what you need.

Access to your Personalized Dashboard and Data Vault

You’ll have your own Personalized Dashboard that serves as a hub for everything we’ve worked on, including instant access to your account balances and statements. You’ll also have convenient access to a secure Data Vault that stores financial documents.

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